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 What Are The Advantages of Having a Security Camera System in my Home or Business?

1 Reduce or deter theft.
2 Minimize or manage liability.
3 Remote Nanny & childcare monitoring.
4 Watch your home or business from anywhere in the world.
5 Play back last night’s activities to the police if necessary.
6 Have proof of what happened last night in your home or business.
7 Make a permanent record of robberies, malicious damage, fights, etc.
8 Watch employee activity either on sight or remotely.
9 Security cameras will make people more honest.
10 Make sure the work force has arrived remotely.

We can provide you with inexpensive dome and bullet style cameras or the more elaborate cameras including pan, tilt, zoom.
PTZ cameras can be remotely aimed and zoomed to see just what you want to see.
We sell the intensifier camera which will see with almost no lighting at all.
These cameras do not use infrared technology.  This is truly an amazing camera.