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    Below are some technical tips that will help you keep your system running smoothly. It can also help you get your system back on line. Please keep in mind that these things do not always work. Sometimes you just have to bring it in and let us do it.
We will help you over the phone with these items, but please keep in mind that we are busy at times and simply do not have the time to spend on the phone with free tech support. Also keep in mind as mentioned above that these things do not always work.
Thank you and we hope that this page serves you well.

The staff at TLC Technologies

This tool is a very handy way to stop programs from running in the background. Almost all software that you install turns itself on to run when the computer starts. This causes your computer to slow down tremendously. This tool often times will speed up your computer.
Simply go to START, RUN, and type in MSCONFIG. Go to the startup tab and turn off whatever you do not want to start with the computer. DO NOT turn off your anti-virus software.

If your system does not start up, this tool may be helpful. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, I think it depends on just how lucky you are. Anyway, here is how to do it
When your computer is starting up hit F8. Just keep hitting it. If you hit it to soon, you will get a keyboard error. Reboot and do it again. If the windows screen starts up, you are to late. Restart and do it again. When you hit it at the right time, you will get many options. Choose last known good configuration and restart your computer.
Windows will often start in this mode but not in real mode. In here you can get to your files, run your programs, even get on the internet (sometimes) You can not print or use most of your USB hardware. You can use this mode to go in and correct a mistake you made while configuring real mode. Ex. change video driver and you get no display.
To get into safe mode, follow the same procedure (above) that you use to get into Last Known Good Configuration, only choose safe mode.

# 3 Ad-Aware
This software helps to clean out all the unwanted junk that gets on your computer while browsing the internet.

#4 AVG Anti-Virus (Free)
If you either purchased your computer from us or had it here for a major over hall, we should have installed an anti-virus program called AVG. Unless you have your own virus protection software, we will automatically install this on your computer. We will not let a computer that we do a complete reinstall of the operating system on leave the shop without some sort of protection. AVG is a free anti-virus program from the internet and it really works well. Many of the pros are using this for their business clients. This program usually will last about a year with the updates, then it wants you to buy it. All you have to do is go to their web sight and download a new version. Uninstall the old version and install the new version. There you go, another year of free virus protection.

# 5 Active-X
Microsoft has installed many safety features with Internet Explorer. Active-X is a program where software companies including MS can see into your computer to do things. Many of these things are good. Ex. updates. How will MS update your computer if it does not know if you are up to date or not. For MS's active-x use, thing are OK. However often times you need to have other people take a look at your computer. It may not even be someone else, it may be you. Ex. To view a video camera from somewhere else, you have use active-x.

If you have problems installing active-x programs from the internet or for your own use, here is a solution that usually works.
In internet explorer, go to TOOLS, OPTIONS, SECURITY, CUSTOM LEVEL, under ACTIVE-X either check enable, or prompt if the enable feature is not secure. Click OK and when you get back to your browser window try to install this again.

# 6 Firefox
There is another internet browser called Firefox that a lot of people like. You may or may not have this program installed on your computer when you get it from us. If you do not have it and would like to try it, here is the link.

# 7 Netscape
Here is another internet browser that some people use. Link follows

# 8 Uninstall Unwanted Programs
A lot of systems have programs installed on then that you will never use. Many of these are using up resources and slow down your computer. Here is the way to remove these.
Go to START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, CLASSIC VIEW (if not already in classic view) ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS (this is called something else in Windows Vista, program options or something like that) Click on the program you want to uninstall and it will do it for you. Sometimes a program is messed up in the computer and will not uninstall.

# 9 Updates
Always let Microsoft update your computer. You can even check this yourself from time to time. In internet explorer there is a link to this under Tools

So there you go, here are 9 things you can do to help out with your computer.

Thank you for using us as your computer service provider.